Supporting Foster Families with our for free resources, as they help “Look After” the children we serve in the foster care community of NEFL.

Pathway Program is a division of Foster Closet for teens/ young adults aging out of the foster care system. 

Our FREE resources for Pathway program assists teens and young adults aging out of foster care with anything they need for their new home.

This form must be filled out by Independent Living’s young adult IL Coordinator.    We will email back the IL Coordinator once we receive this form.  

  • What to expect after form is submitted

    Foster Closet will need for the IL Coordinator to fill out this form 1-2 months prior to the teen aging out of the foster care system. Once the IL Coordinator fills out this form, we will contact both teen and IL Coordinator, via email or phone call to set up the Pathway/IL young adult's scheduled appointment to pick out their items. We ask that you give us all the information you can. If the teen/young adult doesn't have a cell phone or an address at this time, please give their name and you as their IL Coordinator's information. We will set up an appointment to pick out the items, another date to deliver. The teen then can take them home or wait for us to deliver the items to their home within a one to two week's time of the appointment. We ask that the young adult help with the delivery of the items. The young adult, must be home the day of the delivery, Must answer their phone when we call the day of the delivery or we will not be delivering. The young adult, must help with bringing the furniture and items into their place the day of the delivery. All Item will be given for FREE to the teen.
  • IL/EXFC Coordinator's Information

  • Items Needed

    Items given upon availability. Select a maximum of 5 Pieces of Furniture.
    Due to limited inventory, we can only help each teen once.